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PlugReg allows Cordova / PhoneGap developers to search for existing plugins for their app projects. It also gives plugin authors additional exposure to their open source plugin(s).

At a glance, users are able to see the status of a plugin, the number of stars, open issues, version, supported platforms / engines and more.

There are currently 1342 plugins from 903 different authors and growing all the time. Please submit your own plugin(s) if you haven't already.

Recently Added Plugins
LockTask 2015-1-27
GetRouterIPAddress 2015-1-26
HealthKit 2015-1-25
CameraPictureBackground 2015-1-23
UI Resize on Keyboard 2015-1-22
iOSAudioPicker 2015-1-20
Update App From Server 2015-1-16
MusicControl 2015-1-14
ListMusic 2015-1-14
Flurry Analytics 2015-1-11
Recently Updated Plugins
SalesforceMobileSDK Plugins 2015-1-28
AdMob Google Ads + Tappx 2015-1-28
Bit6 2015-1-28
Serial 2015-1-28
MATPlugin 2015-1-28
backgroundvideo 2015-1-27
AudioPlayer 2015-1-27
Device 2015-1-27
MWBarcodeScanner 2015-1-27
phonegap-googlemaps-plugin 2015-1-27
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