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plugreg allows Cordova / PhoneGap developers to search for existing plugins for their app projects. It also gives plugin authors additional exposure to their open source plugin(s).

At a glance, users are able to see the status of a plugin, the number of stars, open issues, version, supported platforms / engines and more.

There are currently 1507 plugins from 997 different authors and growing all the time. Please submit your own plugin(s) if you haven't already.

Recently Added Plugins
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Map Launcher 2015-7-22
Waze Navigator 2015-7-22
CordovaCrypt 2015-7-22
Progress Indicator 2015-7-22
MediaLister 2015-7-18
Cordova SupportedLanguages en plugin 2015-7-18
Camera Broadcast Plugin 2015-7-18
Recently Updated Plugins
RadaeeCordova 2015-7-29
PushPlugin 2015-7-29
StreetHawk 2015-7-29
Datepicker 2015-7-29
Media 2015-7-29
Weibo 2015-7-29
Device Orientation 2015-7-29
CaptuvoCDV 2015-7-29
AVOSAndroidPushNotification 2015-7-29
Device Motion 2015-7-29
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